How COVID-19 Will Forever Change Our World From an Architectural Perspective

The IT Company’s Kenneth Herring virtually met up with three leaders of the local architecture community to discuss how COVID-19 will likely impact our home and work environments.

What Now? Protecting Your Business Through the Changes From COVID-19

As the chaos of having to quickly deploy a remote workforce is settling down and businesses are beginning to open back up, you may be asking yourself – “what now?”

Top 3 Simple & Cost Effective Steps for Protecting Your Home Work Environment

Are you concerned about your company’s security as employees continue to use at home work capabilities? We have been hearing from business leaders that they are aware and eager to implement extra [...]

Part 3: PPP Forgiveness Webinar

Thank you to everyone who joined us for yesterday’s webinar, PPP Forgiveness: How to Manage and Track Your Money Part 3! We always enjoy spending time with industry experts and working to find ways [...]

Prince Technologies- Structured Network Cabling

To be a great IT Services company, you have to realize which things you can do well, and which tasks you should partner with a company that specializes in that field. For us, one of those tasks that [...]

Employee Interview- Kyle Kelley

This is Cody Crowell here doing a guest write in. In our marketing planning meeting, we had the idea of doing an employee interview blog about Kyle Kelley. Since Kyle is a man of few words, and the [...]

July 31st, 2018 |Categories: IT Blog, Interview, People, Employee Interview, IT provider

Meet Our Summer Intern Olivia!

This summer we partnered with an organization known as Project Grad, to serve inner city Knoxville high school students and work with them to focus on their future career opportunities. We are so [...]

July 17th, 2018 |Categories: Interview, People, IT services, Project Grad

Recent Data Breaches- Interview with John Wood

“If you have shopped at these 15 stores in the last year, your data might have been stolen,” an article written by Dennis Green, was released in early July, informing people of data breaches with [...]

July 10th, 2018 |Categories: Data Breach, Interview, Data Breaches, GDPR, Security, ftc

Employee Interview- Cody Muncy

Big things are happening here at The IT Company! Cody Muncy has been an integral part of your IT department for almost 6 years now. We are excited to announce that Cody will be transitioning into the [...]

Employee Interview- Elias Askins

This week’s employee interview is unique. Not only is today’s blog a highlight of our current service manager Elias Askins, but also a farewell during his last weeks at The IT Company. We asked Elias [...]

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