Employee Interview- Kyle Kelley

This is Cody Crowell here doing a guest write in.  In our marketing planning meeting, we had the idea of doing an employee interview blog about Kyle Kelley.  Since Kyle is a man of few words, and the interview would have probably been one-word answers, I figured it would be best if I volunteered to write about him.  Please keep in mind when reading this blog, that Kyle is somewhat of a mystery man, and I could be totally wrong about all of this.  

Kyle came to The IT Company in 2011, and I joined about a year later, so I have been privileged to work with Kyle for 6+ years.  I have learned so much from him, which is easy to do, because Kyle knows everything.  And not in a know-it-all kind of way, he just literally knows everything.  Through his own weird way, Kyle has made me, and many other co-workers great problem solvers of IT issues.  When I was just getting started at The IT Company, I used to ask Kyle lots of questions about issues that might come up.  I quickly learned that if I asked Kyle one question, he would expect me to answer about six questions first.  Did you do this? Did you do that?  What happens when you do that?  Why did you do that?  And so on.  I learned that before asking Kyle, if I did these steps and answered these questions, much of the time, I would solve the problem.  So, thanks Kyle! 

Kyle wears many hats for us, but he has spent much of his time on the Project Team.  If you are a current client, and have done a project with us, you probably have dealt with Kyle.  And if you did not deal with him directly, he more than likely did many tasks in the background to make your project a success.  His attention to detail, his thoroughness, his desire to make everything better, and his ability to learn new technology have drastically improved how we can deliver services for our clients. 

Enough about work – now on to his personal life.  Kyle has many hobbies.  It seems that when he finds a new hobby, that he becomes very passionate about it.  He likes to ride motorcycles and drive fast cars. Kyle loves to mountain bike.  He loves to ski and snowboard.  I have been riding with him many times, and he is an amazing snowboarder.  Kyle recently became a new homeowner, and much of his time (and money) has gone to sprucing up his place for his dog Sophie, and himself.  

I am lucky to be able to not just call Kyle a co-worker, but to be able to call him a friend.  I think Kyle would call me the same...but its hard to tell.  

July 31st, 2018 |Categories: IT Blog, Interview, People, Employee Interview, IT provider

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