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To be a great IT Services company, you have to realize which things you can do well, and which tasks you should partner with a company that specializes in that field. For us, one of those tasks that we know that we cannot do as well as the professionals is Structured Network Cabling, commonly referred to as data cabling. To be really good at this, you have to do it all the time, you have to live in that world, and you have to be able to spend as much time planning out the job with the client and the IT department to make sure you have accounted for all the data needs.

Many times, when people are building a new office, or relocating their operation, cabling is an afterthought and not thought of as a critical business system. Architects will tend to use an engineer or someone in IT to recommend where to put network cable locations throughout the office. By not engaging a vendor that specializes in this type of work, it can lead to unforeseen costs down the road. If you are using a Network Cabling company that does not meet with you before the Electrical Contractors have won the bid, you might be costing yourself extra money. By getting in early, your cabling provider can cut down on expensive change orders as drops need to be added or moved.

When we have questions about structured cabling, we turn to Ryan Prince and his team at Prince Technologies. Check out some of their work here.

Prince Technologies has been in the business of providing high quality Audio Visual and Network Cabling solutions since May of 2008. Prince has built an amazing reputation in the area by providing well planned solutions for their clients and constantly striving to over deliver on their promises. The desire to be the best craftsman in their industry leads to constant improvement. At Prince Technologies, Ryan has built and continues to grow an amazing place to work for his employees based on work ethic and customer service.

As we strive to fulfill our mission of Happy Customers, we put a lot of thought in the vendors that we recommend. When we need to turn to an outside partner or vendor, how our customers are treated, and the product they are delivered is of major importance to us at The IT Company. We always know when Prince Technologies is involved, our customers will receive the best in cabling and customer service.

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