What Now? Protecting Your Business Through the Changes From COVID-19

As the chaos of having to quickly deploy a remote workforce is settling down and businesses are beginning to open back up, you may be asking yourself – “what now?”

What happens when we go back to the office? Is continuing to deploy a remote work environment a better fit for our company? How do we protect ourselves during this transition? No matter what your company’s new “normal” looks like, it is important to continue to emphasize best security practices.

In our final part of Paul Sponcia’s interview with Karen Clark, Director of Somerset Technology Advisory Services, the two shared insight on continuing to protect yourself.

After having to make a remote workforce work in a hurry, company’s all over are considering the benefits of allowing employees to work remotely for an extended period of time. If you are an employer looking into implementing an ongoing remote workforce, the below security tactics can aid you in maintaining your company’s security while doing so.

  1. Invest in buying any employees working remotely a company device to work from. By owning the device you manage it and are aware of what is happening on it
  2. Turn off split tunneling.
  3. Setup a Virtual Desktop.
  4. Enable Windows Sync. By doing so, it allows synchronization of local folders with a company server.
  5. Implement a policy requiring employees to login to the company’s VPN and remain logged in throughout the night. During this time, have your IT department push out patches, updates-anything to help maintain and keep at home devices as secure as possible.

Watch Paul and Karen's Interview

COVID-19 has impacted our business world and no company will walk away unscathed. This is a critical time for businesses. We can use these unforeseen and extremely difficult circumstances to strengthen our businesses as a whole.

As you are asking yourself “what now?” and how you can overcome and excel from the changes COVID-19 has brought on, allow your security to be a place of growth. The IT Company works to help companies achieve their own best outcomes by taking away their IT frustrations. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you protect yourself during this time.

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