OUR PROCESS managed services

schedule a consultation

Schedule a time to talk to one of our people. In that meeting, we want to learn about your business and how you use technology. Also we want you to get to know us.

develop customized plan

In this step, your sales person will work with one of our project engineers and you to customize a plan to end your IT frustrations, and gain operational efficiency.

all systems go, go, go

No more worrying about IT. We install new, best of breed network solutions, configure your systems according to best practices to ensure you are able to operate at full capacity.

enjoy frustration-free IT

Now you can focus on what matter most to your business. Our people and systems are always watching your IT needs so that you can maximize your time.


Choosing an IT partner is hard, and it should be, because it also comes with a great deal of risk. Just think about it for a moment, what other vendor would have the type of access and responsibility that your IT partner would have? The decision process should be as extensive and serious as hiring a CFO for your business, it’s that big of a deal.


So, if your IT partner is such an integral part of your organization then investing the time to fully vet them out should be a priority, and not an afterthought.  In the process you should ask some hard questions like:

• How long have you provided Managed IT Services to businesses, and specifically to businesses like mine in size and type of business?
• Who are some of your customers, and what types of services are you providing to them?
• What are you hiring practices? Ask for details on the process and get specifics!
• How long have your people been working for you on average? How many of them have 1-2 years’ experience versus how many have 5 – 10 and 10+ years?

We would love it if you asked us these questions, and any other questions you might have.


It’s simple, we take a “white glove” approach, focusing on delivering the highest touch and best experience for our customers. Lots of people say that, right? For example, we only choose to work with 8 to 12 new customers each year. We don’t work with customers unless they are within one hour’s drive from our office. We don’t do one-off projects, instead we only work with people on an ongoing monthly basis. Why do we do these things?


Because this is how we ensure that every customer gets the highest level of consistent service year over year. Saying no is hard to do, but over the course of delivering managed services for more than 25 years we have learned that manageable growth, with the right type of clients who understand the sensitive nature of IT, allows us to fulfill our mission of Happy Customers. That means sometimes we have to say no to folks we really like but just are not a great fit because we know we won’t be able to absolutely delight them. There are companies who will sign on as many customers as fast as they can and then just “figure it out” when it comes to delivering on what they want and support them. We promise to not do that. We are purposely NOT built to scale like a hockey stick, and consequently when you call, it will feel like you are talking to a co-worker, you won’t be sent around the southeast to different offices and you’ll always have the CEO’s cell phone number if you need to talk to him. When you partner with us, you are partnering with a company that understands managing our customer numbers, ensures that we are not growing too fast to support our customers.


If we are a good fit then we will naturally become part of your organizations day to day rhythm, including participating in critical business decisions and strategy to ensure IT is supporting your business goals and objectives. We learn your business processes as it relates to IT, and help you design and implement a sustainable solution, but also help you look to future.


All of our customers are assigned a dedicated team of individuals that serve in various roles, above and beyond our support services. That team is made up of:

Client Account Manager. The CAM is your advocate within our organization and becomes your go-to person for any non-support related questions about your services, any changes needed to your service, and just a person to bounce ideas off as your business is changing.

Technical Alignment Manager. Your TAM’s focus is to ensure that your IT is keeping up with the demands of your business. This includes ensuring that your IT is in line with our standards, industry best practices and the unique challenges and demands of your specific industry. The TAM is an experienced, high level technical resource that understands your business and can assist with IT related decisions.

What you can expect from this team:

• Scheduled reporting on IT systems, analyzing your usage, spotting trends, etc.
• Identifying challenges before they occur
• Set a fixed budget for IT upgrades and projects
• Work with vendors to review agreements and cut costs if possible.
• Immediate and long-term IT planning


Technology can be frustrating. And most of the time that you call your IT partner, it is because you have a problem that is causing you to not be able to perform your job. This may cause extra pressure from your boss or supervisor. Or maybe you are the boss, and your computer problems are stopping you from making money. We understand how important it is to fix your problem, but also treat you well. Because of that, we have developed a hiring process that is focused on selecting amazing humans.


Each one of our employees go through a series of interviews and testing to weed people out that do not align with Our Core Purpose of helping small businesses succeed by leveraging technology. We use multiple personality tests and interviews, to guarantee we get the right people who live out our values. You can expect our people to:

1. Always Be Improving. We will always look for areas where we can improve something and leave it better than we found it. 

2. Be Trustworthy. When faced with difficult decisions, we do the right thing. When making tough choices, we will make thoughtful, informed decisions and stand behind them. 

3. Invest in those around us. We will be people who share knowledge amongst our team, in the IT community, and wherever possible. We want to give back through time, talent and treasure in the communities where we live and work. 

4. Take Pride in what we do. We take ownership and see things through. We are proud of the work we do, do it with skill, craftsmanship and excellence- no matter what.







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