Employee Interview- Cody Muncy

Big things are happening here at The IT Company! Cody Muncy has been an integral part of your IT department for almost 6 years now. We are excited to announce that Cody will be transitioning into the role of the team’s Service Manager. We wanted to celebrate his new position by helping you get to know Cody better.

Currently, Cody serves as the team’s Service Desk Lead, handling Tier 2, Tier 3 support. Additionally he helps with the team’s data center operations. On a day to day basis, Cody comes into the office and checks the tickets at hand. If there are no tickets that have escalated to his tier, then he works on projects for the data center. Cody worked on the Tier 2 level for his first two years at The IT Company, and then became the team lead. His role with the company has primarily stayed the same through his years, but more responsibility has been added along the way. As Cody moves into the role of the Service Manager, he will be working with his same team, but instead of just being their team leader, he will now be their manager.

When asked his favorite thing about working for The IT Company, Cody answered “the team”. Cody has worked for several IT companies, both internal and external, and The IT Company is by far the best team he’s worked with. Cody stated that among his colleagues, everyone is full of knowledge and everyone is great about helping each other out. But above all, “We operate as more of a family than as a business. A lot of businesses, you kinda know your coworkers, kinda don’t. I would trust any of the team members to watch my child.”

A “family operated” system not only makes for a great place to work, but it carries over into the way customers are treated. Any employee you ask would tell you that at The IT Company we actually care about our customers. Cody described that rather than just caring about a paycheck and only doing what we need to do to get the paycheck, we genuinely care about helping our clients grow in their business. We make it so they don’t have to worry about the IT stuff, so that the IT stuff isn’t a burden to them but rather an asset.

So how is it exactly that we enable our clients grow? We asked Cody for his perspective on it. He said by the way we manage things and by what we use to manage them. We put in the research and time to upgrade them from old equipment and old software to get them what they need to get their job done.

“We always do what is best for the client. That doesn’t always mean what the client wants us to do but its what will help them in the long run. We don’t just put a bandaid on things to fix it temporarily. The ultimate goal is for customers to be happy. They shouldn’t really even know we’re there if we are doing our job right, because everything is running so smoothly.”

We concluded our interview with Cody by asking him what he was most excited about as he transitioned into his new role. He said working toward getting The IT Company more agile and even more efficient. Cody can’t wait to see where this team can go with small changes here and there to better ourselves. We as a team are excited to see Cody step up into this role and see what he is capable of accomplishing!

June 26th, 2018 |Categories: IT Blog, Technology, Interview, People, Employee Interview, IT provider

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