The IT Company is About Communication

When you have a technical issue, the last thing you need is to spend your day explaining the problem to multiple different people within your I.T. department. That is frustrating, inefficient and [...]

Five for Five- 5 Updates You Can Read in 5 Minutes

August may have come and gone quickly, but this month has been filled with updates and relevant conversation. Read our August newsletter to catchup on what you need to know for the ongoing success [...]

August 28th, 2020 |Categories: End IT Frustrations, 2020, Community, IT provider, 5 for 5

The IT Company is About Efficiency

Not much is more frustrating than when an IT issue develops and isn’t solved in a time-efficient manner.

Business Email Compromise- What You Need to Know

The IT Company’s Kyle Kelley spent some time walking us through business email compromise and what you need to know about protecting yourself.

The IT Company is About Trust

When IT issues arise, having an IT department you can trust is crucial.

Let Chris Kenimer Help End Your IT Frustrations

Meet Chris Kenimer- one of The IT Company’s newest team member dedicated to ending your IT frustrations!