5 Reasons Your IT Provider Drives You Crazy

How often have you found yourself irritated with your IT provider? How many meetings or conversations have you dreaded having with them? How many times has an issue taken way longer to solve than you feel it should? Have you ever said “What is my IT provider even doing to help prevent problems?”

When we talk to new and potential customers, we often hear 5 consistent reasons why their previous IT provider drives them crazy.

  1. Meeting with your IT provider is boring. They constantly talk in a language that is boring and hard to follow. The topics they cover are nothing you care about and not what you, as the business leader, need to be focused on.

  2. You don’t get a live person when you call and it takes days to resolve an issue. We’ve all been there at some point- you call a company, are answered by an automated system and spend valuable time trying to communicate an issue without ever talking to a live person. Whether it’s your IT provider or your electricity company- not being answered by a live person is frustrating and complicated. And when the issue you are calling about is time sensitive or prohibiting your ability to work- this becomes even more frustrating.

  3. Your IT provider never has a process for helping you have less problem, instead they just tell you how many things they fixed. Having issued resolved is great, but does your IT provider communicate a plan of action to help prevent reoccurrences of the issues, steps they are taking to protect you to the best of their ability and ways they are continually evolving with your business?

  4. You are just not convinced they’re doing everything they can to keep you safe. Your security is critical to the success of your business. The feeling that your IT provider is providing the level of security you need, should raise big concerns. And if they can’t articulate what they are doing to protect you or what you need to be doing to aid in the protection of your company, you should be even more concerned.

  5. Your IT provider has no process for improving your business by leveraging your results. Technology should not just be something you have to have, it should be something that aids in the success of your business. And your IT department should have a process that leverages your technology to improve and excel your business.

Having an IT provider that speaks in technology mumbo-jumbo, spends your time talking about things you don’t care about, doesn’t have a live person answering when you call, takes days to resolve simple issues, doesn’t implement a process to help you have less issues, doesn’t feel like they are doing everything they can to protect you or doesn’t have a plan to help leverage technology to improve your business- can be extremely frustrating.

But it does not have to be that way.

If your IT provider drives you crazy, it’s time to find the right IT provider for your business.

For more information on how having The IT Company as your IT department can help end these frustrations, contact us today.

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