The IT Company is About Efficiency

Not much is more frustrating than when an IT issue develops and isn’t solved in a time-efficient manner.

At The IT Company we recognize the importance of solving every situation not only quickly, but fully. Our team focuses on addressing tickets in a time-sensitive manner while ensuring we follow the problem through, from start to finish.

IT frustrations can halt productivity within your business so it is critical to have an IT provider who answers the phone when you call, takes every concern seriously and helps you get back to the level of functioning you need to be at.

Ross/Fowler, P.C. is a comprehensive landscape architectural firm located in Knoxville. Originally founded in 1972, the firm has completed a wide variety of award winning landscape architectural projects with emphasis upon environment and landscape development. Technology is a critical component in being able to serve their customers. Prior to hiring The IT Company, Ross/Fowler found their I.T. needs were not being served in the time efficent manner they needed, making I.T. a frustration rather than an asset.

Experiencing long periods of down time, technical problems not being fixed fully and lack of coverage during critical circumstances- they found themselves spending time dealing with I.T. issues internally. They did not have the capability or want the responsibility of managing I.T. in-house. They needed an I.T. provider who was reliable and efficent. Which led them to us.

Read Ross/Fowler’s full case study to hear more about how switching to The IT Company has helped end their IT frustrations and be able to achieve the business outcomes they aim for.

Ross/Fowler, P.C. Case Study

Are you looking for an IT provider you can trust? Contact The IT Company today for more information on how we can help you end your IT frustrations and begin obtaining stronger business outcomes.

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