Meet Chris Kenimer- one of The IT Company’s newest team member dedicated to ending your IT frustrations!

Chris recently moved to Knoxville from South Florida where he had several years of experience as an on-site IT Director for an Urgent Care facility. In preparation to move to Knoxville to be near family, Chris began looking for positions in the IT industry. Chris found The IT Company and immediately knew he wanted to reach out. The “Happy Customers” mission, the values of The IT Company, and the feel of its environment drew Chris in.

Fast forward to today- Chris now is a Senior Engineer for The IT Company. As a member of your IT Department, Chris is front line service desk, where he works with customers on a technical level to ensure they are taken care of as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Every call and interaction that Chris has with a customer, his focus is to be courteous and kind about what issue is going on. His goal is to leave the customers with a smile on their face when the ticket is completed. He focuses on doing this by handling each situation individually and specifically depending on the needs of the problem at hand and the customer’s specific needs. The IT Company’s customers are individual people and deserve to be treated with their need as a priority.

Chris shared he finds it important to assure the customer and help them have an understanding of the steps that will be taken. Chris paints a picture of what happened for the customer, in a way that doesn’t over complicate it or make the customer feel silly if they do not understand the technical aspects. He then develops a game-plan and shares it with the customer. Chris emphasizes the importance of resolving the problem initially but also taking steps long-term if it applies.

No customer wants to be down and no customer wants to be frustrated by technology that doesn’t work how it is supposed to. But what is just as frustrating as technology not working how you need it to, is having an IT department that doesn’t pick up the phone when you need them. As a member of The IT Company staff, Chris said he works to be extremely attentive to the timeline of the issue. Chris said his main focus is to address and solve issues as quickly as possible, but without taking shortcuts and making sure the problem is solved efficiently long term.

The IT Company promises to pick up the phone when you call, and engineers like Chris are what make it possible to handle every call as responsively and efficiently as possible!

Chris shared he loves working at The IT Company for many reasons but he especially loves getting to work with different technologies and different customers daily. He shared that the team at The IT Company works together, is respectful of one another, and willing to help wherever is needed. Which makes it possible to uphold the mission of Happy Customers.

Chris is not only an incredible engineer, but an incredible Dad. Outside of the office he spends his time with his wife, daughter and son.

“There’s always some way to solve a problem and make things better. If something we are doing today could be done differently tomorrow to make things better for customers, that’s what I want to do. I want to rethink strategies, think outside of the box, and optimize as much as possible to ensure that we find our customers the best solution possible, to ultimately end the customer’s IT frustrations and bring that customer happiness.”

We are so thankful for Chris here at The IT Company. His focus and mentality are exactly what we hope to embody as a company.

To find out how Chris and the rest of The IT Company can end your IT frustrations by being a reliable and responsive IT department, schedule a meeting with us today!