Are You Constantly Wondering If You Are Protecting Your Company's Security to the Best of Your Ability?

Right now there is a very serious hidden war happening in the world of Cyber. A war that will affect you, if it hasn't already. On Sunday the world was alerted to the news that the Russian [...]

Healthcare Data Breaches, Ransomware Top Challenges in 2017

The latest Black Book poll (Read it here) of healthcare PR clients showed that physician satisfaction and medico-legal problems are no longer the key concerns, and that 2017 will see a higher focus [...]

Ransomware top concern for health IT, security execs - is it yours?

Is security in your top 3 - 5 initiatives and concerns for your business as you enter 2017?

Hacking is Easy

A security incident is inevitable for two reasons:

October 18th, 2016 |Categories: Social Engineering, Cybercrime, Phishing, Security, ITSecurity

500 Million Hacked Yahoo Accounts Are A Phishing Paradise. Warn Your Users!

That's right, 500 Million Hacked Yahoo Accounts. This is an old hack, but Yahoo is now providing more information about the hack. Thanks to our friends at for alerting us about this [...]

September 23rd, 2016 |Categories: Yahoo, OCR, knowbe4.come, Healthcare, Security, HIPAA, ITSecurity, Hacking, Compliance, HHS

OCR HIPAA Desk Audits are Coming

As many of you in the Healthcare arena have heard me, and others, say the HIPAA audits are coming. We fully expect a day when audits are a regular course of business similar to the way it is handled [...]

July 14th, 2016 |Categories: OCR, Healthcare, Security, Audit, HIPAA, ITSecurity, Compliance