WOW! 14 Million Ransomware Phishing Attacks Sent In One Day

Let that sink in, 14M ransomware phishing attack emails were sent in one day, apparently by the same actor. That is ~ 5% of the US population.

Doug Olenick at SCMagazine wrote:

"After lying dormant for a few weeks, Locky bounced back with a vengeance on October 24 with 14 million Locky-laden emails being pumped out in about half a day."

How vulnerable is your network against ransomware attacks? The typical ransom price to receive a decryption key for Locky is roughly .5 bitcoin, which is around 340 dollars at this time. The emails sent in the attack attempted to social engineer victims with a “complaint letter” email that had a JavaScript file hidden in a .ZIP attachment.

Awareness is your best defense! Training your employees on a regular basis regarding security should be a fundamental element of your risk management strategy.

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November 1st, 2016 |Categories: Uncategorized

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