The Hidden Cost of Letting Your Computers Get Old

Often times we are asked why we recommend keeping your computers on a reasonable refresh cycle, and not simply “driving them until the wheels fall off”.

I get it, purchasing new computers is not always fun, but neither is dealing with slow and ancient computers.  By having a plan, and a budget for new computers, you can head off a lot of the frustrations that you or your employees are likely facing.  

There are several reasons why you should be proactively replacing your computers, and here are a few:  

  • As computers get older, they become slower. Simple as that.  If you have multiple slow computers in your environment, the amount of wasted time and inefficiency could be crippling.  Slower computers are also slower to fix when there is a problem- which leads to more downtime per machine when there is a problem.   
  • When your computers get old, they are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  This means when there is a problem, you are slower to get service, and it becomes very costly to fix.   
  • It is very possible to run into compatibility challenges with software updates if you continue to run old computers. Software’s that may be critical to the daily operating of your business may not be compatible with old devices.  
  • Increased security risks. The older your computers get, the more risk there is at the software and hardware level.  
  • Risk of failure. The older your computer gets, the more likely it is for the device to crash, which leads to costly downtime for your employees.  

Unplanned needs of computers always end up costing you more than if they are predicted in your budget.  

We want to set you up for success with your technology by eliminating the risk of old devices and helping you create a predictable annual hardware budget.  By doing this, you will end up saving money and time in the long run, while keeping your productivity at the level it needs to be. 

If you have questions about replacing devices, how often you should do so, or the benefits of new devices, reach out to The IT Company today. We would love to help inventory your computers and build a reoccurring replacement cycle to minimize productivity loss from old hardware and surprise expenses due to failure. 

October 25th, 2021 |Categories: Small Businesses, Computers

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