Security Awareness Training

Imagine starting your computer on a ‪Monday morning only to find that all of your files are gone. Or how about getting a call from one of your employees saying, “I clicked on a link in an email from someone I didn’t know, is this bad? What should I do?”  These types of attacks typically involve Ransomware, Malware, and could lead to Business Email Compromise. You’ve likely heard horror stories about companies that have fallen victim to these types of internet crimes. Not only do these issues result in financial losses, they create fear, uncertainty and doubt and leave leaders, managers and folks responsible for their business’ IT busy fighting fires, taking phone calls and explaining to customers, investors, shareholders and employees what went wrong. This doesn’t have to be you. By investing in education for you and your team, you can change the game for protecting your business.

In today’s internet landscape, users are the number one target for the “bad guys” to attack. When it comes to breaching the defense systems you have in place by tricking your employees, it is not a matter of if it will happen, but rather when it will happen. People just like you and your employees are being tricked every minute into giving away sensitive information, like usernames and passwords, through different tricks, particularly through email and websites, that could potentially allow these “bad guys” to steal information, hold data ransom, and cause your company expensive downtime and loss of reputation.

According to Barkly, a business was hit with ransomware every 40 seconds by email attacks known as phishing, which are the #1 delivery vehicle for the attack.

“One wrong click by a user can lay the best laid (and most expensive) security plans to waste.” -@barklyprotects

The best technical defenses can’t stop someone from using bad judgement, which is why Security Awareness Training (SAT) is critical to minimizing the impact of the attacks being launched. SAT provides a way to train you and your staff to look out for and minimize these attacks, before it is too late.

The beauty of SAT is the simplicity; by increasing user’s levels of suspicion through ongoing simulation and training that isn’t intrusive or super time consuming. SAT teaches you how to be more suspicious by teaching you what to look out for and how to be more careful in what you view, install and download, and then what to do when these attacks are successful. It’s also critical to ensure the program that isn’t static, but one that matures and changes over time. This will, if done right, turn your work force into a suspicious unit that will stand watch over your data.

A successful Security Awareness Training program requires care, maintenance, and attention. At The IT Company, we provide you with the tools and knowledge to make this happen.  If you are interested in implementing Security Awareness Training at your business, please call and let us know.


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