Security Awareness Training for Kids

Kids are the most vulnerable online population and the most likely to be unaware of the potential online dangers. Security awareness is not only vital to adults, but to  anyone who has access to device.

The IT Company’s partner KnowBe4 is now offering a children’s cybersecurity activity kit to the public- and there’s no cost!

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest security awareness training provider and now they are providing a training kit to provide tools to assist in teaching children about online safety. Through the program’s workbooks, puzzles, games, posters, video modules, and the security awareness super hero- Captain Awareness, KnowBe4 provides a fun and interactive way to get kids excited about security awareness!

The IT Company is excited about this new opportunity KnowBe4 is providing and are encouraging that everyone takes advantage of this free tool kit to better educate their children! For more information, click here to visit KnowBe4’s site.

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