Are You Actively Protecting Your Security as Businesses are Deploying Remote Workforce?

Are you actively protecting your business’ security during the global outbreak of the Coronavirus?

The media continues to be filled with necessary precautions and tips to protect our medical health during this time. While The IT Company believes your health is a number one priority, we as a community must not be naïve to the risks our businesses’ security are at. Technical experts are advising to simultaneously place priority on your network security.

As the global outbreak of COVID-19 continues to increase, the reality of our world is changing. From small local companies, to massive corporations, businesses nationwide are shifting to remote workplaces in attempt to keep employees, customers and our community in good health. You’ve seen it all over the news and social media- the curve of this pandemic must be flattened in order to protect our country. The best hope we have in doing so is by practicing social distancing- which is why businesses all over, are making this shift.

Are you maintaining and monitoring your security as your business is deploying remote workforce? It is critical that we take a heightened state of cybersecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you keep up with The IT Company’s blog series, you have heard us repeatedly state that cyber criminals are constantly improving and changing their methods of attack to best make their way into your network. The COVID-19 pandemic has left no room for exception in their plotting. As our country vigorously works to uphold the continuity of its workforce functionality, cybercriminals are vigorously integrating new, innovative attempts in tricking users into opening malicious content.

In attempts to maintain your security while moving to remote workforce, The IT Company, along with the CISA, highly encourages the following:

  • Keep VPNs, network infrastructure devices, and all devices used for remote work updated by applying the latest patches and security configurations for these devices.
  • If you are not already doing so- implement two-factor authentication on all devices, as well as using strong password security.
  • Review the DHS’s recommendations on how to secure network infrastructure devices.
  • Talk with your IT Department to ensure they are actively monitoring your network and have a disaster recovery plan in place.
  • Do not connect to public WiFi’s.
  • Inform employees of the expected increase of phishing attempts.
  • Stay informed and updated on new methods of attack to be on the lookout for.

The majority of these precautions focus on steps your IT Department needs to be taking for your business.  Communicate with them to ensure your IT department is maintaining and monitoring your security.

However it is equally important that all users and employees, whether in a technical position or not,  as well as all IT administrators are aware of the newest social engineering schemes to best protect their security.

With the continued amount of information being shared regarding COVID-19, cyber criminals are spoofing authoritative sources and sending malicious emails. KnowBe4 reported the most common organizations these phishing emails are coming from are the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Each email spoof is designed to gain the attention of the user and get them to click on a link that further puts the user’s network at risk. These spoofs are extremely life-like and can easily put your security at danger if users aren’t on the lookout.

In a time where media coverage and updates are crucial to us, it is imperative that before clicking on any emails or link, users take the validity of the source and sender into consideration.

Our country is in a state where the importance of coming together to protect the health of ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors is undeniable. The importance of your business’ security as it continues deploying remote workforce, is a continued priority of The IT Company’s. The IT Company is here to join forces with our community to best educate businesses on how they can protect themselves, from an IT perspective, during this uncharted territory. If you have any hesitations on whether you are actively protecting your security during this time or have any questions on the best ways to protect yourself as you transition to working remotely,  to us at

Keep up with us as we continue monitoring and addressing technical updates surrounding COVID-19 regularly.

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