#1 Password Defense Against Cybercriminals

In a world where the secret network is vastly and rapidly growing, what is your top password defense against cybercriminals?

It may sound simple, but there is extreme power and control and in the simplicity of password safety. One of user’s top means of protection is in frequently changing their passwords and using different passwords for every different system and application.

It’s been reported that almost all users’ login information- whether the current version or a past version, whether the full information or just pieces of it- are currently being circulated within secret networks. These networks allow hackers to sell and trade the passwords they have stolen. Typically operating on the Darkweb, the trading and selling of stolen credentials is most often happening on encrypted websites that do not appear in search algorithms.

Alex Heidi, Chief Research and Development Officer at SecurityScorecard, a cybersecurity firm, shared with Business Insider that "Within the hacking underground community, credentials are bought, sold, and traded for free like Pokémon cards. There are dozens of different hacking forums that have terabytes of information going back 10-plus years."

Most commonly the cyber criminals are able to collect these credentials from data breaches within large companies and applications. Large data bases can hold millions of login credentials and when hacked, it opens the door for a vast amount of stolen credentials to be stolen and traded on the Darkweb. Business Insider released an article of the Biggest Hacks of 2019. DoorDash was among the many that have fallen victim to cybercriminals, and when compromised, 4.9 million users’ data fell into the hands of cybercriminals.

These hackers are intelligent and continually accessing more and more high-level software’s that allow them to gain entry on the user’s other accounts by simply having access to one single login credential. Using a designed method known as a “checker,” they can take the user’s email address and run it to see what sites the email address is being used for. They then use the login credential password they had tied to the original email, and try pairing it with the email on other sites. Because user’s so often repeat passwords, this method is often successful in entering the user’s other platforms.

Because of how easy it is to gain access to other platforms through one single set of login credentials, it makes it pertinent to use different passwords for every platform you use. And additionally to frequently change passwords as a preventative measure.

In a world where the secret network is vastly and rapidly growing, and there is no indication of this trend dying down any time soon, your passwords are a strong defense against cybercriminals. Not just developing creative passwords- but using different passwords for each platform and changing them often is the number 1 password defense.

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