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Macy Brink here! Each week I have the opportunity to produce The IT Company’s blog. Part of my role at The IT Company is devoting time to interviewing customers, partners, and employees, researching and gaining knowledge on current technology topics, and seeking to have constant awareness of any news about important security alerts. Often putting my head together with another employee of The IT Company, I use the information and knowledge compiled to develop a blog that speaks to our audience, allows them to be a part of our family and stay up to date with what is happening at The IT Company. By producing a weekly blog, The IT Company intends to create a space in which our customers, or any of our readers, have a place they can stay aware of what’s happening in the technology world, from a source they can not only trust, but that they can seek further answers from and who can help them take action where needed.

I became a part of The IT Company team in March of 2018, when I began working part time as I finished my last semester of school. After graduating from the University of Tennessee this past May, I transitioned to a full time position with The IT Company.

From the day I walked in the doors of The IT Company, I knew there was something special about this company- this workplace- this team. As the newest team member, I came in with much less experience and knowledge than my colleagues. But not once has a single team member made me feel inferior.

One of my favorite parts about working for The IT Company is the team and their work ethic. The IT Company is a group of people who genuinely and passionately want to succeed at their part in the company. Every team member values the positions of the other team members. It is truly a team effort. There are no “band-aids” or easy routes for my colleagues. I watch and listen to each of them work diligently and hard, individually and collaboratively, to make sure they are approaching every ticket, with what will benefit the customer most, not just what is the easiest option on our end. It is so evident in the way that they each speak to customers and to one another, that they are driven and want to do a good job.

The people that make up The IT Company challenge me to work harder, teach me things I wouldn’t know how to do without their expertise, and provide an environment that makes it enjoyable to wake up and go to work each day. And for that, I am forever thankful to be on board with The IT Company.

Outside of working at The IT Company, I enjoy dancing, teaching dance, reading, and spending time with the people I love. I grew up in Denver, Colorado and moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee.

The IT Company makes my job simple. It is easy to do the work to market and promote a company which has genuine and honest values, who doesn’t just make statements of what they will do for a customer- but always follows through, and who not only cares about the success of themselves as a business but truly wants to walk alongside their customers in being successful as well. The IT Company stays true to all of those things, and so much more.

January 29th, 2019 |Categories: People, Employee Interview, Blog, Marketing, The IT Company

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