Many Businesses Fail to Understand the Necessity of This One Simple Thing...

Many businesses fail to understand the necessity of this one simple thing, and it ends up costing them a LOT of time and money. What is it? Logging and log retention.

Log retention- specifically when it comes to cyber security- is critical. 

In simplest terms, log retention is documenting and archiving cyber security event logs and is important to your business to ensure your are adhering to your industry’s compliance policies and properly securing your information.

Too often we hear the lack of log retention comes down to the cost. The expense of storing security logs can be costly due to the amount of information being stored and the duration of storing it. But this security piece is not one you can afford to skip out on to save money.  

If you are not effectively implementing logging and log retention strategies, you need to be.  

Not sure where to start? Here are a few places to begin:

  • Understand what types of sensitive data you are storing. 
  • Have knowledge of what systems are you storing the data in
  • Understand what logging capabilities you have
  • Understand the specific logging requirements for your 
    • i.e. HIPAA, PCI, CUI.

Having an expert who can help you answer these questions is crucial to ensuring you are implementing logging strategies and doing so in a cost effective manner.  If you don't have someone on your team who can help you answer these questions, you might need to dig into this yourself. Or better yet, contact us right here.

Logging and log retention are a key component in your cyber security. They aid you in following vital compliance regulations and aid you in ensuring you are storing information securely.  

Need a hand navigating logging an log retention?

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March 5th, 2021 |Categories: Cyber Secure, Logging, Log Retention

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