If You Are On LinkedIn... Your Data May Have Been Stolen

If you are reading this, there is a high likelihood you have a LinkedIn account, which means there is a chance some of your data has been stolen.

Yesterday a report was released verifying that data from 500 million LinkedIn users has been stolen and leaked online. 

The stolen data includes names, contact numbers, email addresses, links to other social media profiles and workplace details. The data does not include financial information or legal information. But while the data does not include that information, there is still a high-level of concern that needs to be taken seriously. Hackers have the potential to use the stolen data to create phishing and social engineering attacks, which could lead to more severe security threats. 

We highly encourage you to take the following security steps to protect your LinkedIn account:

  1. Ensure you are implementing strong password security.
  2. Ensure Two-Factor Authentication is enabled.
  3. Ensure your team is aware of this situation and on alert for potential phishing emails. 
  4. If you suspect suspicious activity, contact your IT department immediately. 
April 8th, 2021 |Categories: Cyber Secure, LinkedIn

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