#1 Frustration About IT- and How Our Service Coordinator Works to Resolve It

Picture this- you walk into work on a Monday morning and start getting settled for the week. You go to log into your computer and your password needs to be reset. You call your IT guy- voicemail. After waiting an hour with no response, you call again- voicemail. You try again for a third time, at this point you’ve been unproductive all morning and your frustration with your un responsive IT guy is through the roof, you finally get ahold of him.

Why can IT departments not answer your call the first time the phone rings? Or get back to you as soon as they can after you leave a message? Why can IT departments not be responsive and reliable?

The truth is, they can be.

The number one frustrations reported with customer’s IT departments is the unresponsiveness and unreliability. Are you amongst the large crowd of users who feels like their IT department is never available when you need them?

At The IT Company, we heard our customers and prospects saying what they want most from their IT department, is for when they call, to get an answer.

Meet Leah Chance. The IT Company’s Service Coordinator.

Leah is the face behind the phone. Her role allows her to pick up the phone every time, when you have an issue. As Service Coordinator Leah answers incoming calls from customers and creates a service ticket for every call. Once the ticket has been created, Leah takes into consideration the priority of the issue at hand, triages the ticket, and then assigns the ticket to the best fit technician for your specific problem.

By having a person’s sole dedicated to this role, it allows the customer to have a specific point of contact, immediately. We find at times, if a customer does not have a technical background, it can be difficult to identify or put into words the problem they are experiencing. By having human interaction to ask appropriate questions and ensure that the issues is being fully understood and documented, things get solved at lot quicker and more efficiently. By directly talking to the customer, Leah is able to get the best support for the customer possible.

Everyone can relate to IT frustrations, even your IT guy has IT frustrations. But Leah dedicates her days to empathizing with the pain and frustration the customer is facing and assuring they are taken care of. Leah focuses on sharing the plan with the customer of what happens next and helping them know they are our top priority. Leah wants to be a good steward of the customer’s time, so she works to get their ticket to whoever can handle it with the best efficiency in that moment.

“Often times when someone calls it is a bad day for them because something isn’t working how its supposed to. They have a problem that needs to be fixed.”

If it is a bad day for a customer, it is a bad day for The IT Company until that issue is resolved and the customer’s day is back on track. Our priority is to end the frustrations you have so that you feel satisfied and know your current issue has been resolved.

Leah shared with us how important it is to her to answer every call. If she is on the other line, it becomes her top priority to get back to them as soon as she hangs up the call she is on. “You can actually hear in the customer’s voice the stress start to ease as the phone call continues and they realize you are going to help them get taken care of.

Leah has been with The IT Company since August and she has quickly recognized her appreciation for the company’s focus on continually working to improve ourselves as an organization. She loves that her job is a part of making the customer’s day better.

When Leah is not working to pick up the phone when you call, she spends her downtime reading, running, making puppets and puppeteer work.

Does feeling frustrated with the unresponsiveness and unreliability of your IT guy hit home with you? Then it’s time to experience an IT department who is reliable, responsive, committed to answering your calls, making your issues a priority, and ending your IT frustrations.

Schedule a meeting with The IT Company today to learn more about how Leah’s role, in combination with our highly dedicated and skilled engineers, can turn your IT frustrations into customer happiness efficiently and effectively.

December 10th, 2019 |Categories: People, Phone Call, Employee Interview, Reliable, Responsive, Partner, IT provider

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