Why Is It My Laptop Ship Date So Far Away?

Are you wondering why your laptop, household appliances or other technology based items are being delivered at an extremely slower rate than usual?

We are noticing the availability of most laptop models are becoming scarcer. This is pushing ship times out in some cases 45-60+ days. 

In a recent article warning consumers of a laptop and PC shortage, it was discussed that the COVID-19 pandemic is largely correlated. As the pandemic drastically increased the demand for home office technology, it also decreased car sales. Because of this drop in car sales, car companies cut back on ordering car parts, including computer chips responsible for controlling functions of cars. This in turn, shifting the focus of many big factories from car components to smartphone, laptop and tablet chips. But as car sales are beginning to pick back up, it is becoming difficult to order laptops and PC’s.

The majority of technology and electrical components include computer chips. So there is a strong likelihood if you are purchasing any laptops, PC's, cars, household appliances and many other items- this is going to be an issue you encounter. 

What does this mean for you?

  1. If you were planning to order any laptops or replace current hardware, be aware that the ship dates have been pushed out. We recommend ordering now even if you were intending to wait a few months.

  2. Take a look at the state of your hardware. Be proactive and aware if you are going to need to order/replace hardware in the near future.

It is being predicted that the shortage will continue on throughout 2021, so it is imperative to be proactive. Do not wait until you are already in a bind to order, because it could be weeks before you are able to get your hands on your order. 

April 23rd, 2021 |Categories: Blog, Coronavirus, Blog Series, Small Businesses

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