Jason Graf- Where Are They Now?

Meet Jason Graf! Jason was an integral part of The IT Company team for over two years and continues to be a part of our family.

During his time at The IT Company, Jason had the title of Director of Implementations. Essentially, once the sales team had finalized a sale, the implementation team would go in and address what needed to happen to officially take the customer on and evaluate the technology needed to do so. Jason said their role was to create the best opportunity possible for the customer so that moving forward everything would work as intended, allowing customer happiness to be maintained.

When we asked Jason to describe The IT Company during his time there, he stated that it was a dynamic and exciting time. He explained that he came onto the team during a transition time of merging two IT companies together. He loved being a part of this transition and was able to see a great deal of growth in the company when he was there. He was involved in getting The IT Company where it is today. Although the culture of the company was under significant migration, the key people at the company made the environment a great place to work. Jason also shared that those core people, most of whom are still working at the company, represent the hard work that happens daily at The IT Company. With IT, there are always going to be times that are stressful, but he stated that even during those times, it was always a great place to work.

In 2014, one of Jason’s friends was further pursuing a startup company who provided cloud base security services for extremely small businesses. It was an opportunity for something new, and it wasn’t anything that competed with The IT Company, so he decided to make the switch there. Jason worked there for several years before he was deployed in 2016 for 6 months as a part of the Air National Guard.

Since Jason departed The IT Company, he had consistently kept in contact with CEO, Paul Sponcia. When he returned from serving his term, he was catching up with Paul, who actually presented Jason with a job opportunity at Legal Aid. The company had recently changed the way they were wanting to manage their IT, and were in need of someone bridging the gap while they figured out what they were going to do. Jason served as that role until the company had made a decision of how to proceed forward long term. Once his time there was complete, Jason transitioned into a role as a Security Architect for a security services company.

Through every phase of life since his time at The IT Company, Jason has been able to take what he learned here and implement it wherever he goes. Of all the things he learned during his time here, the thing that stands out to him most is the value of communicating to businesses that the services IT departments provide have the capability to really take the pressure of the company itself.

Jason shared, “At The IT Company, a focal point during my time there was ensuring the customers of how to handle a bad day. No one wants to deal with IT, they simply want it to work. But the challenge is what happens on the day where the IT isn’t working or the system crashes? How do you deal with that? At The IT Company we were putting people in the position to hopefully not have that bad day, but also to put ourselves in the position to serve you more consistently, so that when things happen, there’s no question of who to call.” Being a part of this being built and seeing it play out successfully was a huge learning lesson for Jason.

Jason’s time at The IT Company solidified his desire to simplify things for customers and create something that really makes the customer happy. “If you’re gonna empower people to get things done, you’re going to have to focus on how they feel and how it impacts them.” This is something Jason continues to bring into all his positions.

We loved getting to catch up with Jason, hear about all of his successes, and hear the impact The IT Company had on him. We are so proud of you, Jason!

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