How to Protect Yourself Against the Recent iPhone Vulnerability

Earlier this week, Apple released a security advisory addressing an iPhone vulnerability. Apple wrote that “this issue may have been actively exploited and is already being used to hack iPhones and iPads.”

This vulnerability poses as a cross-site scripting method. Meaning that if you click on a malicious link or visit a malicious website, the hacker now can get access to information from other websites you have previously visited or entered credentials into. 

Apple has released updates- iOS 14.4.2 and iPadiOS 14.4.2- that correct this issue.

Apple is also scheduled to release a large iOS update to be rolled out in the upcoming weeks, but due to the sensitivity of this vulnerability, they rushed to push 14.4.2 out, even before the release of the upcoming update. Apple’s urgency to release an update to correct this issue should emphasize the importance of executing the iOS 14.4.2 update on all your devices, as soon as possible.

What should you do to protect yourself from this vulnerability?

First and foremost- update all of your devices to iOS 14.4.2

Additionally, let this serve as a reminder to make sure you are implementing the typical best practices for your security.

  1. Always be cautious of opening links from texts and emails.
  2. Be careful on the sites you visit.
  3. Ensure you have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled on everything you can.
  4. Ensure you are following best practices for password security.
March 31st, 2021 |Categories: 2FA, Protection, Blog Series, Hacking, iOS Update

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