How Can Your Architecture or Engineering Firm Take Back Stolen Time with the Right IT Strategy?

You and your employees have important tasks to do. You didn’t spend countless hours and nights for years in the architecture or engineering labs at school to waste all day restarting the router because of a failing internet connection, or solving why the printer doesn’t work after installing new software.

Unfortunately, that’s what many architects and engineers wind up doing — and for every hour you spend away from your actual work, you’re losing valuable time and money that could be spent doing what you do best.

It’s times like these that you realize how easy it is to take your IT systems for granted, and you’re not alone. A 2017 survey by CIO Magazine found that half of IT leaders said their departments were viewed as “cost centers” that did not add to company profits.

Just like marketing departments, it’s hard to see a direct cost-benefit of an IT department up front, but it’s absolutely there.

We have first-hand experience ensuring that architecture firms and engineering firms are freed up from the worries of technology and can focus on what they do best. Some of the top architecture and engineering firms in the Knoxville area trust us to manage their IT systems.

According to our client, Lewis Group Architects,

“It is amazingly freeing to be able to know that our team can focus on their work and not have to deal with downtime and underperforming systems… We no longer spend time worrying about IT issues and are able to focus on serving our own client’s needs.”

We’re here to guarantee the exact same outcome for you.

Think of every piece of new technology your firm needs to use throughout a single business day -- from cloud-based software, to cybersecurity programs. In fact, Harvard Design Magazine’s David Celanto writes that keeping up with new technology is essential to the future of architecture.

“Architects’ refusal to embrace technological innovations invites their extinction,” he wrote. “The capabilities now provided by furniture system designers, sustainability consultants, construction managers, and engineers of all stripes have become so advanced that Martin Simpson of Arup Associates suggests that architects may eventually become unnecessary—except, perhaps, as exterior stylists.”

In order to remain current and meet consumer demand, Celanto advises the embrace of new technology rather than the avoidance of it — and insists that exciting new technology will stimulate consumer interest and sales.

That’s where The IT Company can help you most.

As technology becomes more and more necessary for daily architecture and engineering work, our services at The IT Company become more and more valuable, not only to keep your regular business functions, but also as a strategic resource.

Our team is essential in providing up-to-the-minute technology recommendations about industry-specific software and hardware. In 2016, Deloitte Services surveyed 500 mid-market executives and found that IT leaders were responsible for about half of new technology adoption across industries.

Additionally, our goal is to improve department efficiency and decrease department costs across your entire company. By implementing productivity programs, and cost-saving technologies such as video conferencing, The IT Company is able to help keep your operating procedures in the 21st century.

Stop Wasting Time and Start Saving Money With Us

Move your firm into the future and schedule a consultation with The IT Company today. We put dedicated support, time and care into every decision we make for our clients. We know, everyone says that, right? But we don’t just say, we live it — it’s why we only accept 8 to 12 new clients every year, and work with all of our clients exclusively on an ongoing monthly basis.

Don’t settle when it comes to your firm’s technology needs. Let The IT Company help you succeed in every part of your business. Contact us for a consultation today!

February 14th, 2020 |Categories: Technology, Small Businesses, IT provider

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