3 Ways To Get The Most Out of Microsoft Teams

Are you a Microsoft Teams user? If so, you may not be using it to it’s full advantage.

We commonly see people using Microsoft Teams, but just barely scratching the surface of what it can bring to your company. Microsoft Teams is an extremely powerful platform with the ability to leverage the success and efficiency of your business. Understanding it’s capabilities is the first step in using it to it’s full advantage.

Here are 3 ways to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

  1. One centralized location. Microsoft Teams has capabilities to operate your phone systems, file share, share and collaborate in real-time, video and audio call and more. By utilizing the features of Microsoft Teams, it allows for all your systems and communication to be located in one place. Having a centralized location creates a high level of productivity and efficiency.
  2. Integration of applications. The platform also has a variety of applications that integrate into Teams. By integrating applications it allows Teams to become the “hub” of everything you do. Microsoft Teams allows you to pin the applications you use most often, so that you can quickly open it directly from Teams- again increasing ease and efficiency.
  3. Collaboration with people outside of your organization. Teams allows for external sharing, which allows outside people to collaborate with you. This is a useful and beneficial tool, if used securely. If you choose to collaborate with people outside your organization, remember to be judicious about who you let in and what you give them access to by utilizing conditional access and monitoring the settings of each channel. But the ability to bring in people outside of your organization to specific chats or channels, eliminates the hassle of navigating where different conversations are happening.

When using Microsoft Teams, taking every functionality that there is, making use of it in a way that makes sense for your business, can leverage the benefits of the platform. Using it as a centralized location, integrating applications into it, and collaborating with people outside of your organization all increase the productivity of your business.

It is likely that if you are using Teams, there are features and aspects that could greatly benefit your business, that you may not even know about. Check out these videos to learn more about utilizing the tool you are already using to increase your technology success.

July 9th, 2021 |Categories: Blog, Collaboration Platform, M365, Microsoft Teams

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