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Microsoft 365 Assessment

Are you using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams? Has your organization configured it correctly? Has it been secured properly? Are you utilizing the correct licensing or are you paying for stuff you don't need? Take our Microsoft 365 Training and Webinars a step further. Get more information on requesting a Microsoft 365 assessment from The IT Company today!

More Information on Requesting an Assessment 

Important Security Announcement

There is a new email phishing scam going around, and we are seeing it a lot!  It appears that when an email account has been compromised by this scam, it will send out a similar email to the screenshots below to your contact list.  The scam has been very successful because that it appears to be coming from a trusted business contact.  After opening the link, it asks for your credentials to view the shared document – if you do that, you’re compromised.  We take the success of your technology very seriously, and that starts with being secure and protecting the confidentiality, reliability and availability of your information.  

Please be on the lookout for this scam and do not click on the links or enter your credentials. If you have already received a similar email and clicked on it or entered your credentials, reach out to us!



The IT Company is about Communication.

When you have a technical issue, the last thing you need is to spend your day explaining the problem to multiple different people within your I.T. department. That is frustrating, inefficient and time-consuming. At The IT Company communication is key. We value communication with our customer and recognize the importance of communication between our staff internally. I.T. problems cause a hiccup in your day and we believe communication internally eliminates you from having to spend your day explaining and re-explaining the problem.

George Armour Ewart, Architect is a skilled and renown firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. Working on design projects in a variety of fields, their expertise and experience is wide. They work with the most responsive and knowledgeable structural, mechanical and electrical consultants..Read how The IT Company is providing George Armour Ewart, Architect with responsive and efficient communication to ensure their I.T. needs are being met and aiding them in achieving the best outcomes for their business.

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How Having an IT Provider and a Cyber Insurance Policy Go Hand in Hand

On October 20th at 12 P.M. The IT Company's CEO, Paul Sponcia will be hosting a free webinar on why having an IT provider and a cyber insurance policy go hand in hand. Cyber Insurance expert Andy Huddleston, from Wyatt Insurance Services, will be joining Paul and sharing his knowledge.

What will we be covering? 

  • What is included in a standard insurance policy.
  • The 3 main forms of coverages.
  • Typical cost of implementing a cyber insurance policy.
  • Examples of claims.
  • How having a robust IT provider works together with a cyber insurance policy.
  • Open Q&A session.
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Chief Technology Officer- Kyle Kelley

We are excited to announce that Kyle Kelley will be transitioning to a new role at The IT Company. Kyle has been promoted as our Chief Technology Officer and we are looking forward to the ways his new position will positively impact us internally, as well as our customers. Kyle is part of our executive leadership team and with his new role he will be responsible for standards, compliance, all technology used, and all centralized services (the internal technology used to manage all customer networks).

He will be focusing on optimizing the technology we use internally, as well as the technology we deploy to our customers. He will be working to create better alignment with your business and your business's strategy- with the goal being to bring the strongest possible outcomes of success within your organization. Congratulations, Kyle! 

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