Five for Five: 5 Updated You Can Read in 5 Minutes

October has come to a close so it's time to recap  the most important news from the month. These updates aim to aid the ongoing success of your business and keep you informed- check it out!

Microsoft 365 Assessment

Are you using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams? Has your organization configured it correctly? Has it been secured properly? Are you utilizing the correct licensing or are you paying for stuff you don't need? Take our Microsoft 365 Training and Webinars a step further. Get more information on requesting a Microsoft 365 assessment from The IT Company today!

More Information on Requesting an Assessment 

3 Ways You Know It's Time to Outsource Your IT

Are you navigating the best ways to manage your company's I.T.? Our CEO at The IT Company, Paul Sponcia, has created a list of the top 3 aspects to look for when deciding if it is time to outsource your I.T. 

  1. You understand that IT has become critical to your business, and you need to delegate it to someone where it can be professionally managed.
  2. You recognize that IT is no longer a typical expense item- it is a functional department to be managed, but you do not have the resources to do it.
  3. You recognize that IT can give you either a competitive advantage, or hinder your business, and you need to be proactive in aligning IT with the business's goals and objectives. 

Watch Paul's full video for more information to help you know if it's time to outsource your IT.

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Why Having an IT Provider and a Cyber Insurance Policy Go Hand in Hand

This month, The IT Company's CEO, Paul Sponcia hosted a free webinar on why having an IT provider and a cyber insurance policy go hand in hand. Cyber Insurance expert Andy Huddleston, from Wyatt Insurance Services,  joinedPaul and shared his knowledge. Did you miss the webinar? Watch the entire session!

For more helpful information, view these documents: Claims Scenarios. Coverage Responses.

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Are You Prepared for Crisis?

2020 has presented us all with unknowns in the workplace and in our daily lives. Were you prepared? Paul Sponcia joined Hank Brown in creating a series of video content discussing the best ways to prepare yourself and your business for crisis. 

In the first video, Hank covers what crisis is, the types of crisis and steps to preparing yourself when crisis arises. Watch the first video below! And stay on the look out for more videos about preparing for crisis on our social media accounts

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Aligning IT- Podcast Series

Have you followed our podcast series- Aligning IT? The IT Company team members have been spending time with experts of the Knoxville community to provide a series of topics relevant to your business. Conversations surrounding COVID-19 and how it is impacting our work world, sales and setting up your business for success, full recordings of webinars and more! 

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