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 Is it Enough to Just Get "Enough" Out of I.T.?

If you are like most businesses- technology and technology success is critical to the operation of your business and you likely spend a good amount of money on your technology. 

So if it is a critical component and financial commitment- is it enough to just get "enough" out of your I.T.? Is your technology truly providing your organization value? Or is it just accomplishing the basics?  

Your technology shouldn't just do the bare minimum for your business. Your technology should aid in the success of your organization. 

Here are 3 vital components that your I.T. provider should be helping you accomplish with your technology. 

  1. Working to have less technical issues- not a lot of trumpeting about how many issues they solved. And when the issues do arise, because they likely will, responding quickly and efficiently. 
  2. Making your business a hard target, keeping it safe, minimizing cyber risk and damage. Your I.T. department should be more than just reactive- they should be proactive.
  3. Leverage your technology. Meaning, helping you get more out of technology in order to make the business run better, more competitive, efficient, effective, profitable. to be more efficient and create better business outcomes.
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Let's Nix the IT Department...

You've likely heard it. You may have even entertained the idea at some point... "Let's nix the IT department".

Fun title, fun topic, engaging, controversial, maybe sensational. Is it the realistic? Most likely not... but maybe the conversation is what needs to be said to get folks to start seeing a new, better way for IT that actually delivers results.

There's three big things IT departments should be providing for a business in today's world.

  1. Work to reduce problems, issues, incidents.
  2. Protect the org, make the company a hard target, mitigate risk.
  3. Find ways to leverage the power of tech in the business to help achieve better outcomes for the business.

All of this wraps around planning, strategy and alignment. Read more below!

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What's Happening at The IT Company?

Thank you to the Knoxville Bar Association for having us at the 2022 Law Practice Today Expo! We loved spending time with fellow sponsors and talking with all the attendees!

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Jim Caughorn of Graphic Creations

Chris Martin of Knoxville Leadership Foundation

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Employee Celebration 

Congratulations to 3 of our employees on celebrating their anniversaries with The IT Company!

Cody Crowell- 10 years.

Joe Guidali- 7 years.

Stephen Marlowe- 2 years.

We are so grateful for each of them and all they do for The IT Company!

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