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ALERT: Save the Dates!
These four dates between now and February are crucial to the ongoing protection, defense and success of your business in the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity & cybercrime.   
This is an invitation only, limited to 12 registrants for each session, exclusive executive briefing. This isn’t going to be a big technical meeting, but very specifically why you should be utilizing these in your business and the dangers if companies continue to ignore these now basic and critical components of combating cybercrime.  
Statistics show that cyber criminals have quickly shifted their focus to you , the small and medium size businesses . The reason behind this is that you have become the easier target because businesses your size tend to focus less on security, less on awareness and less critical security and disaster recovery controls. 
So, Here are the dates, and the topics:  
  • October 26th, Why You Have to Have an Automated Security Awareness Training Program. 
  • November 30th, Why Two-Factor Authentication is Critical to your Security. 
  • January 25th, Why Security Monitoring and Logging Technologies can no longer be overlooked. 
  • February 22nd, Why Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning must be a part of your security architecture. 
This series of security focused lunch and learns will be held at our offices, will be kept to one hour only, will remain focused and intimate so you get the most impact. You will also leave knowing exactly what you should do next, and how to talk about it with your team or decision makers.  
Remember, each of these events will be limited to the first 12 people to register. Look for the actual registration link for the first event next week! 
October 5th, 2018 |Categories: Technology, People, Security, Security Focused, Executive Briefing

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