Case Study: How One Architecture Firm Found Freedom in IT Rather Than Frustration

At The IT Company, we believe that IT should help you grow business for your firm rather than hold it back, especially when you are one of the largest architecture firms in the East Tennessee area. The last thing you should be dealing with are frustrations about overpriced IT that doesn’t work half the time. However, in our latest case study this is exactly the situation Lewis Group Architects found themselves in at the beginning of 2019.

Lewis Group Architects has been a passionate advocate for their clients since 1982, always producing great architecture through creative problem-solving skills. But in 2019, they found themselves limited in their work by IT that couldn’t keep up with the nature of their business.

Lewis Group Architects knew they needed a better solution for their growing business. Their search for a better IT solution led them straight to us. They recognized that The IT Company offers expertise that other companies don’t:

  • Significant experience in the Architecture industry
  • Senior-level engineers that make complex IT issues easy to understand
  • An IT system that’s built to promote the growth of your business rather than hold it back

We were able to create an IT system and implement specific technology solutions that has given Lewis Group Architects a new freedom to focus on what they do best: architecture. 

If you can relate to the same frustrations Lewis Group Architects experienced, talk to us today to find out how we can help your firm overcome IT limitations and optimize time so you can focus on the growth of your business. 

Partnering with The IT Company promises that you’ll go from being worried, confused, and frustrated that you’re overpaying for IT services that simply don’t work for your needs, to feeling confident you have a team of experts working to make sure your business is protected and productive by solving problems before they ever start.

February 28th, 2020 |Categories: Customer Interview, Technology, Small Businesses, IT provider

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