Can IT Give You a Competitive Advantage?

If you believe you can’t leverage technology to improve your business, then you are right.

There is an extreme competitive advantage to businesses who see, understand and believe the value of IT and the outcomes it can bring their business.

IT is one of the best opportunities for leverage to accelerate business growth, expansion, profit, sales, efficiency, and effectiveness. You have the opportunity right now to gain an edge by understanding how technology can accelerate your goals.

Mid-market companies have been leveraging technology by bringing IT to the leadership table so they can align business objectives with their technology. As a small business, it is time to do the same.  But unfortunately we hear small business leaders say statements such as, “IT is just a necessary evil.”

While they’re right- IT is necessary in today’s world, it doesn’t have to be a negative. It’s when you choose to see IT as evil and just a necessity, you fail to get the full value out of your technology.

Your IT provider should do 3 things.

  1. Make your life easier by reducing your issues.
  2. Keep you safe. The cyber world is scary and your risks are extremely high. Your IT provider should be doing everything they can to mitigate your risks.
  3. Make you better. By leveraging technology to get better results.

Imagine if you asked your IT provider this question:

“In what ways do you think technology could help us achieve our short and long term objectives?”

And then imagine them actually helping you find a way to achieve those goals and objectives. Imagine them helping you add competitive advantage through your technology. Imagine your IT provider not just being someone you pay as a necessity, but someone who adds value to your business.  

Aligning your technology to your business objectives- is where the advantage begins.  It’s not what your IT company knows about technology, but what they understand about your business that makes the difference.

We have seem many times small business owners either don’t believe that it is possible to leverage technology to improve their business (like increasing sales, margins, profits, expenses, efficiency etc.) or don’t have the right IT partner in doing so.

But it is possible.

At The IT Company we are passionate about seeing small businesses grow and sustain successful organizations. Our focus is on delivering value tied to the business objective strategies, risks, and plans an organization has. We are passionate about not just protecting our customers and reducing their technology issues but focusing on helping small business leaders go further, by gaining leverage with technology and creating a competitive advantage.

We want to be more than just the guys you call when something doesn’t work right- we want to be a key component of your business going further. The first step is believing, understanding and seeing the potential that aligning technology to your business outcomes could have.

October 15th, 2021

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