Are You Securing Your Home Wi-Fi?

Are you securing your home Wi-Fi router against unauthorized guests? If not properly secured, cyber criminals can use your network to steal yourinformation.

So what can you be doing to lock down your Wi-Fi? Fox News recently released 4 practical security measures you can be taking to protect your home.

  1. Get a list of everything using your network. Do you know what devices are using your Wi-Fi? Make sure that the devices connected to your router are ones that you can identify and recognize as belonging to someone in your home. If there is a device you do not recognize, disable it.

  2. Lockout unauthorized users. By encrypting your connection, you increase the security of your Wi-Fi. If your network is already encrypted, but there are outside users accessing your network- change your password immediately.

  3. Set up another network. By creating a guest network, you create an option to keep guests off your main network. Even with a guest network, maintain the same level of security.

  4. Turn off the ability for others to access your router. Disable “remote administration.” This feature is helpful in some capacity but leaves you more vulnerable.

Your home Wi-Fi is often the last thing you think about when it comes to security. But it can be an extremely vulnerable spot if not properly protected. Especially during the time our world is facing, our home networks are more at risk than ever.

Be aware of unwanted guests. Stay on top of monitoring new devices accessing your router. And increase security measures, such as a stronger password.

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