Welcome to The IT Company, Andrea Pendleton!

We are excited to introduce our Accounting & Operations Administrator, Andrea Pendleton!

Andrea joined The IT Company team six months ago, and has become an integral part of our company. As Accounting & Operations Administrator, Andrea serves across various channels within our organization including collections, billing invoices, human resources, payroll and recruitment.

Andrea joined our team shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and although her time at The IT Company thus far has been primarily virtual, she was quick to share that her favorite part about The IT Company is the people. Whether co-workers or customers, Andrea finds great joy in interacting and building relationships and since beginning to work here she has loved interacting with a variety of great people.

With every interaction with a customer, Andrea keeps The IT Company’s mission of “Happy Customers” at the forefront of her mind. Typically her communication with customers is centered around sales, ordering or invoicing, and she works to ensure that any questions they may have are answered clearly and to the best of her knowledge.

“It is important we give good service. Good service is important anywhere we go. So I try my best to make sure I am representing The IT Company and serving our customers the best that I can. I try to make sure when I hang-up that phone, the customer is happy.”

Andrea is a proud wife and mother. Outside of work, she absolutely enjoys spending time with them. They are an active family and spend their time together outdoors, hiking and biking. Andrea also loves to cook cuisine from all over the world! She is constantly in a cookbook or reaching out to relatives finding new recipes to try.

As an individual Andrea values living a positive life, and she certainly does! She is a joy to talk to and we are so grateful for the positive energy she adds to The IT Company.

Watch Andrea's Full Interview!

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