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We’re bringing you the most important information you need to know for the ongoing success of your business. Check out what's been happening throughout the month of June!

Microsoft 365- Get the Most From What You Have

This month we hosted a live webinar to help educate people around M365. This webinar didn't just introduce the benefits and tools within M365, but rather how to get the most out of its capabilities. The IT Company's Paul Sponcia and Cody Crowell took the audience through the nuts and bolts of the platform and physically demonstrated using the full features M365. Watch the full webinar recording here!

Join us July 8th at 12:00 P.M. as we host part 2 of this webinar as we continue to show you how to unlock the power of effectively using M365 for your business. This time primarily focusing on Microsoft Teams.

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Aligning IT- The IT Company's New Podcast Series

The IT Company team members have been spending time with experts of the Knoxville community to provide a series of topics relevant to your business. Conversations surrounding COVID-19 and how it is impacting our work world, sales and setting up your business for success, full recordings of webinars and more! We are excited to launch our podcast series to you!

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Microsoft 365 Assessment

Are you using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams? Has your organization configured it correctly? Has it been secured properly? Are you utilizing the correct licensing or are you paying for stuff you don't need? Take our Microsoft 365 Training and Webinars a step further. Get more information on requesting a Microsoft 365 assessment from The IT Company today!

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Top Security Practices for Transitioning Back to the Office

Companies all over took their employees to a remote workforce during the pandemic. While the transition to a remote workforce had to happen quickly on the front end, the transition back to the office does not have to be rushed. It is important that while moving your team back into their normal work setting, you take the time to keep your security a priority. Here are the top 7 best security practices as you transition back to the office!

  • Coordinate with your IT Department/Vendor.
  • Verify all machines returning have been checked.
  • Ensure there is monitoring software installed to detect dormant threats that may re-activate when machines are returned to the network.
  • Review and disable any remote access that is no longer needed.
  • Test your restore of backups!
  • Refresh security training with employees.
  • Before returning to the office, ensure employees have the necessary tools to successfully operate.

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Cybersecurity with Paul Sponcia and Karen Clark

Are you concerned about your company’s security as employees continue to use at home work capabilities? We have been hearing from business leaders that they are aware and eager to implement extra security cautions, but feel they may not have the funds to do so. CEO Paul Sponcia joined Karen Clark, Director of Somerset Technology Advisory Services, for a four part series of conversation. Watch the full recordings covering simple and cost effective steps for protecting your home work environment, the cost a breach will have on your company and protecting your business throughout the the changes from COVID-19.

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