5 Ways HIPAA Can Make Your Practice Even Better

You’ve heard us say this before and you likely agree- Healthcare Compliance is not going anywhere and is a huge component of the healthcare industry.

At The IT Company we often talk about not just viewing IT as something you have to have and the advantage of leveraging your technology for better business outcomes. We see HIPAA in a similar light.  HIPAA is a requirement for the healthcare industry, yes. But it can also be something that makes your practice better.  


  1. The requirements of HIPAA are honestly things that you should be doing anyhow, whether they are a requirement or not. They are business decisions that protect you and protect your patients.
  2. HIPAA increases your ability to respond to an incident in a better and more efficient manner. In the event that something happens, you are better equipped and prepared to handle it and respond to the scenario.
  3. In turn, HIPAA also increases your ability to recover. You’ll have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place. A plan that you can understand and execute in the event that disaster happens.
  4. If you embrace HIPAA and truly understand how to implement it into your business, it will make you more effective and more efficient.
  5. People know what is expected of them. Clear expectations and guidelines make any business stronger. HIPAA is no exception. By employees knowing and understanding Healthcare Compliance, it sets your practice up for better success.

We know that as a physician there’s a high chance you did not go to medical school to be a business owner and that handling the ins and outs of Healthcare Compliance may not be the favorite part of your job.

But HIPAA can truly make your practice better. And if you start to view it as not just a requirement, but something that can have a large advantage for your practice, it will do just that- make your practice even better, make your practice more efficient, make your practice more effective.

October 22nd, 2021 |Categories: Medical, Physician, HealthcareIT, HIPAA, Compliance, Healthcare Compliance

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