5 Reasons You Should Use A Password Management System

At some point, you have likely heard, or read, the importance of strong password security. Implementing strong password security in simplest terms is:

  • Never reusing passwords.
  • Changing passwords frequently.
  • Never using birthdates, pet names, or easily guessed information.
  • Using different passwords for every system and application.

Chances are- you’ve heard these things and you are aware of what you should be doing. But often people fail to implement these best practice techniques because it seems like a hassle, and remembering different passwords for all the platforms you use, seems impossible.

Which is why using a password management system is a practical and easy way to increase your password security. Here are 5 reasons you should be using a password management system:

  1. Passwords managers generate unique, complex and random passwords for each system and application you use- so the fear and concern of coming up with a 'strong enough' password is reduced.
  2. Password managers store your passwords in an encrypted form, so it is secure to store all of your passwords inside it. The security behind password managers has proven to be robust. It is much safer to use a credible password manager than it is to use weak or reused passwords.
  3. Many password managers have capabilities of storing other sensitive information outside of just passwords including bank information, addresses, etc. By using a trusted password manager, you can store sensitive information in a secure, centralized place.
  4. The password manager generates one complex password for the entire account, so you only have to remember the one password. By using a password manager, you are able to follow best practice password security measures, like different passwords on each system, without having to remember tons of complex passwords. If you remember your master password, the password manager will remember everything else.
  5. The most common way cyber criminals are able to gain access to accounts is by users using the same password across multiple platforms. With the added precautions of a password manager, you are taking a simple and practical step to stronger security for yourself and your business.

There are many different password managers offered. One manager we suggest using is LastPass.

We hear you, keeping up with complex passwords and having different passwords for every site is challenging. But using a password manager is not. Implementing a password manager helps increase your security and minimizes the headache of remembering hundreds of passwords.

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