Two-Factor Authentication

Today’s blog is a brief highlight on why two Two-Factor Authentication is an important layer in your company’s security.

Two-factor authentication is a form of security that not only requires the typical username and password security method, but it with a code that only a specific user has access to. There are different methods to the way this code is accessed, but it is typically sent to a device or through an application that the user has immediate access to, such as a cell phone.

Most of the systems that you use in your personal life are already using two-factor authentication, such as banking, webmail, sites like Amazon, etc. So, the familiarity is already there.  Adapting it to the workplace, where your data is critical to protect, just makes sense. Not only does it make sense, but it is becoming critical to protecting your business.

Why is two-factor authentication becoming critical to protecting your business? Identity theft is a low-risk, high reward threat, and is now the fastest growing type of crime.  That makes your password and how you secure and protect it, super important.

Weak passwords are a problem. Often users use commonly guessed password such as Fall2018,  or Password1.  Because of the likelihood that some of your employees are using these easily guessed passwords, extra protection is necessary! Think of it in terms of physical security, would you feel safe that no one would break into your house if you only had 1 form of security, like only having a lock on the front door when you hid the key under the floor mat?  Wouldn’t you feel better if you also used another method to protect your home, like security cameras, or an alarm? Two-factor authentication is much like the added level of security that an alarm brings to a home.

Large businesses are not the only ones at risk of cyber attacks. Big name companies make the headlines when they have a breach, but more than 30% of targeted attacks are aimed at companies with fewer than 250 employees. So even if you believe you are not likely to be a target, you are. Companies small and large should all have two-factor authentication in place.

At The IT Company, we truly believe that two-factor authentication is a powerful and crucial layer of security. Weak or stolen user credentials are used in 95% of all Web application attacks.  Much of that could be thwarted with two-factor authentication. If you have questions about two-factor authentication or about implementing two-factor authentication into your company’s network security, reach out to us! Our team would love to guide you.


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