The IT Company is a Managed IT Provider. Our focus is to improve IT operations and systems in a way that allows our customers to forget about what is going on behind the scenes.

We become an integral part of your organization’s culture and daily life. There is usually no department in an organization who you deal with more frequently than your IT staff, and we essentially become your IT department.

We intentionally only select between 8 – 12 new customers per year to partner with in order to deliver a consistent and predictable experience for each new customer, and existing customers as well. We do not believe in hyper-growth, but instead methodical and predictable year over year growth.

We are able to do this by delivering all aspects of IT to you all based on industry best practices, standards, governance architectures and specific proven methodologies therefore ensuring your experience is stable, consistent, predictable and reliable.

All of this is centered around systems that will grow with your business, help you feel safe and secure, and are focused on time and cost efficiency.

Our customers typically:

  • Cannot tolerate downtime
  • Are under regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, NIST, GLB.
  • Security conscious
  • Demand maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.
  • Have multiple locations.
  • Have less than 500 employees.
24/7 365 SUPPORT
Friendly Staff   |   Dynamic Backups
Inside Out Security   |   Mobile Management
GLB   |   PCI
Secure Technology   |   Never Lose Data
Pay For Used Space Only
Simple Contracts   |   Flat Monthly Rate
No Overage Fees
Virtual Chief Information Officer
Professional Advice   |   Quarterly Progress Reports
Locals Helping Locals
Fast Response   |   Less Downtime

Everything we do begins with a project in which we baseline, stabilize and bring your IT infrastructures and systems into a standardized best practice and delivery.

Then we begin to integrate ourselves into the day to day lives and operations of your business.

Our project team puts an immense amount of effort into their research and design process to ensure that you are set up for success. From assessing your current state to walking through risk analysis and project planning – before they even begin ensure that we as a team, you and us, are prepared for the work to be done in order to minimize disruption and mistakes.

Our help desk provides 24/7 support 365 days a year for any issues you experience, big or small.

Your Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) meets with you on a regular basis to help align your business with your best practices, align IT with business objectives, design and implement appropriate policies and procedures for IT governance, measure the success of IT systems, and to ensure that your IT is not a source of stress, but instead a source of productivity and happiness.