Exciting things are happening here at The IT Company this summer!

Last month The IT Company hosted our first Waffle Wednesday and we are looking forward to our next one, next week! We have had lots of questions about who can come, what the fee is and what the benefit from coming is! Read this week’s blog to learn everything you need to know about why you should join us for The IT Company’s Waffle Wednesdays!

At The IT Company, one of our greatest enjoyments as a company is investing in our community. We love finding time to surround ourselves with our customers, friends, family, prospects,  and new people! We find great value in building relationships with the people who fill Knoxville- the place we all call home.

In a business world, where the majority of events are built around networking, the focus is often shifted from building genuine relationships to the amount of connections that can be made at each event. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy and attend networking events as often as possible and we see great value in them! But we feel as though there is also deep value in time devoted to just enjoying the community of others.

The IT Company derived the idea of Waffle Wednesdays with the intention of a devoted time to genuine, good community.

The 3rdWednesday of each month, The IT Company will be hosting Waffle Wednesdays! The IT Company doors will be been open from 7:30 am until 9:00 am. Whether you are a current customer, someone looking for different IT provider options, someone interested in learning more about IT, someone looking for good conversation with other business professionals or someone simply interested in seeing what Waffle Wednesdays are about- we would love to have you! Anyone and everyone are welcome! The IT Company staff will join all of our guests for breakfast!

So come on out and join us for free waffles with all of the toppings, (gluten free options available!) free coffee and great community. Waffle Wednesdays are the perfect way to spend your morning. Surround yourself with other Knoxville business professionals and enjoy breakfast on The IT Company!

To sign up for our next Waffle Wednesday on June 19th, RSVP here. And be on the lookout for our continued events!