Former executive assistant director of the FBI highlights comprehensive education and proactive planning to create strong ransomware preparation measures

Healthcare ransomware has quickly become one of the top cybersecurity concerns for both covered entities and business associates, according to a recent HealthcareIT Security blog post. Without proper training and a thorough backup plan, organizations could find themselves in trouble should an attack take place. “Ransomware attacks two or three years ago, coming out of [...]

Healthcare tops for ransomware incidents in Q2

Roughly 88 percent of all ransomware detected was discovered in healthcare, while the next most targeted industry was education at 6 percent, according to the report, published by Solutionary. One reason? Its stakeholders often pay hackers. Wow, that is an enormous statistic pointing towards the healthcare industry. We've blogged about this before, and the issues [...]

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Healthcare Cyberattacks Occur Monthly

In a poll of 535 healthcare IT and IT security practitioners, 48 percent said their organization had a breach involving loss or exposure of patient information in the past year. They cited some of their biggest threats as: System failures Unsecured medical devices Identity thieves Unsecured mobile devices. Despite the widespread publicity about insecure medical [...]

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