Customer Interview- Cheryl Tuggle

By partnering with The IT Company, things have been kept running, are fixed in a timely manner, and done so in a way that makes every problem, big or small, feel important.   Back in 2011, Office manager Cheryl Tuggle and her company Rheumatology Consultants (RHC) began reformatting the way their company functioned. RHC is a medical practice specializing in Arthritis, Lupus, connective [...]

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How does the 21st Cures Act Affect Healthcare IT?

President Obama is preparing to sign into law the new 21st Century Cures Act, but how will this affect Healthcare IT? It also aims to support health information technology goals, including electronic health record (EHR) interoperability and data privacy and security. Language in the bill could force technology vendors to make their systems talk to one [...]

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Patients are the ones suffering from EMR adoption

A recent article over at FierceHealthcare is pointing out the problem of our automated and digital advancements diverting physicians attention from the patient to the systems, increasing patient frustration. Technology has advanced medicine in many ways, but it has also led physicians to focus more on data than patients, said best-selling author Abraham Verghese, M.D. Verghese, [...]

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Will docs ever be happy with their EHR?

A recent survey from by peer60 found that doctors continue to remain "extremely unhappy" with EHR's from ALL vendors. “We’ve said it before--physicians and other caregivers are the sleeping giants of healthcare," the report stated. "So all suppliers, even Epic, should be forewarned--you can only disappoint physicians and other caregivers for so long ... eventually, [...]

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