Ransomware top concern for health IT, security execs – is it yours?

Is security in your top 3 - 5 initiatives and concerns for your business as you enter 2017? If not, it should be - especially if you are in the Healthcare industry. As we continually point out here on our blog, the state of IT Security, and more importantly attention and awareness towards IT security, [...]

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Ransomware attacks on med devices a real possibility

A report issued last year remains relevant today, especially on the heels of the recent attack on public internet DNS provider Dyn that effectively shut down 1/3 of the internet for a full day. This attack used personal home and business devices such as cameras and routers to perform a controlled, distributed and highly disruptive [...]

November 10th, 2016|Categories: Compliance, Healthcare, HIPAA, OCR, Security, Social Engineering|Tags: , , , , |

Employee Awareness is Ransomware’s Greatest Protection

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a great opportunity to strengthen your human firewall in the war against this ransomware epidemic. We love that term, "Human Firewall" - that is precisely what we are. Some of us are weak firewalls, and some are extremely strong but the only way to strengthen the human firewall is [...]

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