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Follow Up on Big Data

A few weeks ago, you heard from James Harrell about what Big Data is, whether or not you can hide from it, and what you can do to protect yourself. This week we will be following up on this topic and expanding on what is being done with the information collected.   The information being collected is making companies vulnerable. Company information [...]

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Customer Interview- Cheryl Tuggle

By partnering with The IT Company, things have been kept running, are fixed in a timely manner, and done so in a way that makes every problem, big or small, feel important.   Back in 2011, Office manager Cheryl Tuggle and her company Rheumatology Consultants (RHC) began reformatting the way their company functioned. RHC is a medical practice specializing in Arthritis, Lupus, connective [...]

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Picking an IT Provider With Cyber Liability Insurance

When hiring an IT provider, you are trusting that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to manage and support your IT infrastructure, not just when things are going well, but when things go awry. So how do you know if you are hiring the best IT provider for your company? One important and often [...]

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How Is Big Data Affecting Our Privacy?- Covered By James Harrell

“You’re being tracked in places like department stores just by having your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on. You don’t even have to be connected to their network for access to your information to be granted. It is scary how much they know about you. It really is.” -James Harrell   At the 2018 Knoxville BSides conference, James Harrell from [...]

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The IT Company EXPO 10k and 5k

Calling all runners and families!  May 26, 2018, will mark the 41st running of Knoxville Track Club’s EXPO 10k and 5k race. The tradition of this race makes it so much more than just a race; it’s Knoxville’s oldest and most beloved community running event.   The IT Company is proud to be the title sponsor for the race and we [...]

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Email is Dead

Do you finish responding to one email, just to realize you have two new ones waiting for you?  Does it drive you crazy to see the blue number of unread messages beside your inbox, or a red icon on your phone? Do you get anxiety about the number of emails in your inbox when you have a day off, or a week vacation? Have [...]

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5 Things Every Healthcare Provider Must Be Doing To Protect Themselves From Cyber Criminals

Five things every healthcare provider must do to protect themselves against cyber criminals: In today’s healthcare environment technology has become the critical backbone to the daily delivery of services, but providers in the healthcare space have historically done a poor job of keeping up with and properly securing and managing their IT systems. Cybercriminals know [...]

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Customer Interview- Chris Perry

McCarty Holsaple McCarty Architects & Interior Designers, Inc. (MHM) is a company that depends heavily on their computers and network. Architects and Designers are some of most heavy computer users that we see. As you might imagine, they rely on their computers working, and working fast. Chris Perry is the IT manager and Job Captain. [...]

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