On Tuesday, March 10, we’re providing an opportunity for business owners and decision makers like you to learn how to make sure your business isn’t an easy target for cyber attacks with the next installment in our Lunch & Learn series: “Are You Prepared? Understanding Cyber Threats & Risks to Your Business.”

Are You Aware of the New Frontier of Cyberspace?

Cyber attacks have become a hot topic associated with our national security in the last several years. Thanks to new advances in technology, cyberspace has evolved into a dangerous and unfamiliar frontier of global warfare. 

Some of the previous methods of cyber security are simply outdated. Security measures that used to be enough may not be protecting your business as much as it actually needs. Cybercriminals aren’t just targeting politicians and governmental systems; small and local businesses are becoming an increasingly large target. 



How Can You Proactively Prepare Your Business Against Cyber Attacks?

While the U.S. government is improving efforts to compete in cyberspace, it’s going to take some efforts on behalf of civilians to ensure their businesses are secure from possible attacks. At The IT Company, we’re here to protect and educate against such criminal activities.

You won’t want to miss the amazing opportunity to hear Hank Brown, a founding member of USCYBERCOM and one of the nation’s top Cyber Warfare experts, share and answer questions about the present and future of cyberspace and its impact on your business. 

Join Us Tuesday, March 10!

Hank will share his real-world experience from the front lines, which will educate and help you look differently at the safety and future of your business, including topics like:

  • The Lack of “Equality” in warfare- there are no boundaries, no “front lines”
  • Boundlessness of the cyber world
  • The big shift from non-peer to near-peer adversaries
  • How to “fight” in cyber
  • Making your business a hard target

This free event will wrap up with a Q&A session between Hank and Paul Sponcia, CEO of The IT Company, specifically discussing practical ways to protect yourself in this new landscape of cyberspace and answering questions from attendees.

“Are You Prepared? Understanding Cyber Threats & Risks to Your Business”

Tuesday, March 10
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Water’s Edge: Conference Center and Executive Suites
608 Mabry Hood Rd
Knoxville, Tennessee 37932

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the nation’s best about your business’ defenses in a new frontier of cyber warfare. Space is limited, so register now! Please arrive promptly at 11:30 in order to get your lunch and enjoy our discussion. 


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