Marriott Hotel’s Database Hacked!

This morning CNBC published a news release revealing that Marriott’s Starwood Hotel's database has been hacked, compromising the information of 500 million guests. Marriott shared that the data breach is still under investigation and they are unable to give a list of specific hotel locations effected, but they are fairly certain the breach has only [...]

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Major Online Ad Fraud Operation- 3ve

Yesterday the FTC and DHS released a joint alert on a major online ad fraud operation known as “3ve”. 3ve is a dangerous operation that already has control over 1.7 million different IP addresses. The criminals behind this operation were able to gain this large amount of control by leveraging victim computers infected with different [...]

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International Charity Fraud Awareness

The FTC has released a promotion highlighting this week as the first annual International Charity Fraud Awareness Week.  We like to think that donating to a charity is a safe and simple thing to do. But in today’s world, cyber criminals won’t stop for even the most innocent actions. Charity scams are becoming more popular [...]

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Scam Alert!!

Be on the ALERT and don't be fooled by job scams: Recently scammers from overseas have been impersonating persons from The IT Company in an effort to extort money and personally identifiable information. Details about the scam are below, in the mean time remember: - The IT Company will NEVER contact anyone for a potential [...]

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