Your Relationship with Technology Isn't Working...Here's Why

You constantly find yourself calling your IT department to fix an issue. You use technology at a surface level and don’t fully understand ways to utilize all of it’s capabilities. Technology is a necessity to you to make your business operate, but you are not leveraging it to achieve better business outcomes. Technology is a nuisance and your relationship with it isn’t working. 

But why? Why is something meant to be so valuable, such a headache?

We may sound like a broken record- but if you are simply using technology and treating it as a necessity - you likely are frustrated by the outcomes you are getting. 

Technology doesn’t have to be a headache. Your relationship with technology doesn’t have to be something that “doesn’t work.” But you have to switch the way you view technology.

Leveraging your technology to aid in better business outcomes dramatically changes the results you are getting.

  1. Change the conversation with your IT Provider. Don’t focus on number of tickets or how they reactively are helping, but rather focus on what they are doing to proactively.
  2. Align your IT goals with your business goals. Find an IT provider who want’s to understand not just your technology needs, but your business needs so they can help you scale. 
  3. Talk to your IT provider about ways to utilize your platforms and devices so you can get the most out of technology.

If your relationship with technology isn’t working, if you are constantly frustrated by IT- it’s time to change the way you view technology. It’s time to start leveraging technology.  

November 12th, 2021

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