What will they think of next?

That's the content of an email I received from one of our clients this morning. He sent us an article he read about hackers ability to gain control of wireless keyboard and mouse from as far as 90 meters away. This is getting crazy!

So, should you be concerned about this particular hack? Yes, you should be concerned about every potential security flaw that exposes your business to risk. That being the case, you should also be sensible and reasonable about what you can do. We encourage customers to consider not only the possibility, because virtually anything is possible, but also the probability. Is the possibility and the probability high? If so, then yes - you should absolutely put plans in place to act on what you discover. This is just a good business practice in any type of risk management program, or just simply assessing risk in any decision.

It is a crazy world out there, and IT security is increasingly becoming a bigger and bigger issue and concern. This is especially true as our lives are literally wrapped around some many technical dependencies from banking, to how we schedule appointments, how we communicate with friends and family and how we coordinate family schedules and events! Technology is absolutely pervasive, so the "bad guys" have some many potential targets - it's mind boggling.

What can you do? We suggest reading the following past posts to learn some best practices for your business, and yourself:



August 4th, 2016 |Categories: Technology, Security, Passwords, Hacking, Fraud

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