Will docs ever be happy with their EHR?

A recent survey from by peer60 found that doctors continue to remain "extremely unhappy" with EHR's from ALL vendors.

“We’ve said it before--physicians and other caregivers are the sleeping giants of healthcare," the report stated. "So all suppliers, even Epic, should be forewarned--you can only disappoint physicians and other caregivers for so long ... eventually, you will pay the piper."

Some of the highlights:

  • They surveyed 1,053 physicians in August.
  • 85 percent of ambulatory facilities have an EHR.
  • Most of those who did not were small clinic organizations.
  • The primary reason was that did not believe that they needed one or couldn't afford one.
  • 34 percent of those were planning on adopting an EHR in the near future.
  • The market leaders for the acute care participants were Epic, Cerner and Allscripts.
  • In the ambulatory space Epic also led with 18 percent, followed by Allscripts and eClinicalWorks.
  • Respondents were “almost universally unsatisfied” with their EHRs.
  • The primary reasons cited were poor usability and lack of desired functionality



November 28th, 2016 |Categories: Cerner, EHR, EPIC, NexGen, Physicians, eClinical, Healthcare, EyeMD, eMDs, AllScripts

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