Welcome, Jason Graf!

The IT Company's is excited to welcome our new Chief Operating Officer, Jason Graf

"I am excited to start my new role as Chief Operating Officer at The IT Company. I was attracted to The IT Company due to its positive culture that loves on both its customers and employees. I am humbled to be given the opportunity to serve the wonderful people at the IT Company and help ensure we maintain a high level of service as we move into the future. I have been working outside the community for some time and am thrilled for the chance to work daily with fellow employees and members of our community. Providing a “white glove” service level to our customers is part of what makes us great. Success in the future will be determined by our ability to maintain our service level and nurture an environment where people love to work. It is an exciting time at The IT Company, and I am elated to be here."

Jason brings a wealth of knowledge, heart and leadership to our team. We are excited to watch the way he impacts our team, our culture and our customers.

Grateful to have Jason on board!


September 30th, 2022

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